Attachable spout Pulse, dispense, smoothie, milkshake, and icy
- Works Very Well - Can Drop off if Needed - Normal Wear and Tear
Here is a description from the manufacturer: * 4.5/5 star customer rating at Gardener's Supply online Convenient Tomato Halo helps you grow your best tomatoes ever! All-in-One Tomato Halo Combines Multiple Growing Accessories: * Targets watering, controls weeds and prevents cutworm attack * Encourages deeper, healthier root systems * Sturdy enough to be used for years * Some studies show red re...
Shepherd s Hook over $20 new 2 Bird Feeders new $17 each @ Lowe s Bunny not included


Flowers love Super Bloom. Quick connects, faucet splitters, bulb planter Water sprinklers