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Felix is a six year old male tabby with a big heart. He loves all people and is not stranger shy. He likes to play and is very curious. He likes to talk and have his say in the conversation. Felix would do well in a home with lots of socializing and does well with children. He does well with older dogs (not puppies) and some cats.
Our kitty was a stray who adopted us. She has been a very sweet, affectionate kitty. Our family is being relocated to Florida. Our big dogs have not been nice to her so we have been keeping them on different floors of the house. She deserves a loving home as she has so much love & affection to offer.
We had been feeding him for about a month then one night before a storm while trying to get our other cats inside he just walked right into the house. after half an hour of walking around the house he had fallen asleep on the back of one of our chairs. He is very loveable and attention hungry and is not afraid to get in your lap or get in bed to sleep with you.
Meet Abbott and Costello! These two are brothers who were found as kittens without a mother. They have been together their entire life and would love to stay together. Cats are neutered and up-to-date on shots. These two are about 3 years old. This i...
August is a big boy (18 lbs) looking for a home he can claim as his own. He came in with some urinary concerns from his previous home, which have been addressed. August has been cleared for adoption, but does require medication to help with possible issues. This boy LOVES to be brushed and wants nothing more than to be your one and only. His foster family says he is so sweet and has one of the ...
Baron was born in April to our cat Mini Mittens. His mom had no interest in him, so he was raised by his aunt Tot with her kittens. He likes to mimic the older cats and is always watching them. He has just discovered that humans are good for petting. He enjoys lying on the stairs curled up with his cousin Sylvie.
Sylvie was born by our cat Tot earlier this year. She has a lot of scamp in her. She loves to run and pounce and explore. She gets along well with other cats, but is still a bit skittish of humans.
Pythagoras is scheduled to be neutered 9/30. Pythagoras is my favorite cat. I call him my cuddle bug. He's also quite daring. He likes to find the highest point (like the speakers on top of our entertainment center) to sit on. He thinks he's the king of the castle. We got him and his brother Democritus at the end of last September when they were just kittens.
Democritus is scheduled to be neutered on 9/30. Democritus and his brother Pythagoras were just tiny kittens when they came to live with us at the end of last September. The cats lived in the garage until it got too cold. One day we heard a mewing at the front door. It was Democritus. He had found a way out of the garage and somehow knew where the front door was -- he'd only seen it from the in...
Mini Mittens is no longer as shy. She craves attention. She loves to rub on your legs and follow you about. She is very fond of her sister Tot. She had a litter earlier this year but wasn't a natural mother, so she and Tot bonded even more while Tot showed Mini Mittens how to care for kittens.
Tot is shy but affectionate. She likes attention but it should be gentle. She is loves to be around her sister, Mini Mittens, but she gets along with our other cats as well. She's afraid of dogs and will hide under the couch. She was a "teenage" cat when we got her at the end of last September. She had a litter earlier this year and was very maternal.
Cow is scheduled to be neutered on 9/30. Cow is a big lazy cat. He's been with us since he was a "teenager," which was last September. He loves attention, but only when he's in the mood. He thinks he's king of the castle. Cow lives in our basement with four other cats, two of which are his sisters, so he's used to socializing with other cats.
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